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Spartan Cats

Rescue and rehoming of street cats.

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What we do

About Spartan Cats. We are a small but very dedicated group of volunteers who live all over the world, working to help the street cats in Greece, and particularly on the Greek island of Poros.
Everyday we feed over 100 cats (and routinely ship high quality food to Poros), as well as more generally making sure the cats are fit and healthy.
If the cats need medical attention we will quickly make sure they see a vet. We have a ‘no kill’ policy, and if we find sick or disabled cats we seek to rehome them in or outside of Greece.

At present we have an active trap-neuter-release (TNR) policy and working to make the cat population more sustainable.
Most importantly, we believe that every cat, animal and person deserves love and compassion and we are working hard to communicate this vital message.

Please join us and help us make the Greek island of Poros an area of animal welfare excellence where all animals are loved and respected. You don’t need to live in Greece, and can in fact live anywhere in the world, but still get involved.

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