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Spartan Cats

Rescue and rehoming of street cats.

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We are very keen to help the most vulnerable street cats find loving forever homes. This means that we work very hard to find sick and disabled cats a place to live where they can have a high quality of life and live with people who love them. Where possible we find homes for cats in Greece, but where this is not possible we can send cats outside of Greece, with checks being made for the new home to make sure the cats will have the best life possible.

This is Ilios who is a blind cat and now lives with us in the UK. We found him as a tiny blind kitten, starving, sick and wandering the streets. Without a home Ilios would have died as he could not have survived living on the streets. Now Ilios has a wonderful life, playing with his cat and dog brothers and sisters. We are very keen that cats like Ilios get the best chance of a happy and long life.


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