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Rescue and rehoming of street cats.

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Want some cat advice?

At times we all need help, and street cats are no different. The main problems facing street cats are hunger, a lack of clean water, and shelter from the cold or heat. This is also coupled with the dangers from humans, other animals, traffic, and sickness.
If you see a street cat looking like it needs help, there may well be an animal welfare organisation nearby, and Facebook is often an excellent source of information. If a cat looks hungry or thirsty, please buy them some cat food and leave them some water, but put it in a safe place where the cat can access the food and water but not be attacked. If a cat looks like it is need of medical attention, try to find out if there is a local animal welfare group, or if in doubt, contact a local vet who should be able to help.
The best way of helping cats is to join an animal welfare organisation, and we are always looking for people to help us, and you can live anywhere in the world.

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